Musikerin/ Solistin

ο Rompi Rompi!, with ORO, 2019 (Eigenverlag)
ο Heinrich, with Capella Antiqua Bambergensis, 2018 (CAB-Records)
ο Singet Vogel singet, with Minnesangs Frühling, 2016 (VdS)
ο Wann geh’n wir nach Haus, with Herzgespann, 2015 (CAB-Records)
ο Bell’amata, with Triskilian, 2015 (CAB-Records)
ο Eselsmesse, with Tanzwut, 2014 (AFM Records)
ο SAGA, with Poeta Magica, 2014 (Westpark Music)
ο ENCORE, with the EU-project ENCORE, 2013 (www.encore.nyckelharpa.eu)
ο La Follia – The Triumph of Folly, with Ensemble Oni Wytars, 2013 (Sony/DHM/DLF)
ο °neo – transmedieval beatz, with Triskilian, 2012 (Totentanz Records)
ο CADENCE, with the CADENCE Nyckelharpa Ensemble, 2011 (VdS/Tongang/DLF)
ο Carpe harpam, with Fürstenecker Nyckelharpa Consort, 2010 (Tongang Förlaget)
ο Rosa bianca e vermiglia, with Musica Officinalis, 2010
ο Aeon, with Annwn, 2009
ο Birkenhain, with Triskilian, 2009 (CAB-Records)
ο Live in Forlimpopoli 24.08.2008, with Nyckelharpa Network Orchestra, 2008 (Tongang)
ο Do durch der werlde…, Triskilian, 2007 (VdS)
ο Orbis alia, with Annwn, 2007 (Curzweyhl)
ο Wasserquintett, with Studio Katharco, 2006 (VdS)
ο Las estrellas, with Asfur, 2005 (Querstand)
ο Werltenklanc, with Triskilian, 2005 (VdS)
ο Aire, with Sava, 2004 (Curzweyhl)
ο Zwischen Himmel und Hölle, with Duivelspack, 2004
ο Triskilian, with Triskilian, 2003 (VdS)




ο Best of Ritterfest Kufstein, with Triskilian, 2018
ο Minnesang, with Knud Seckel, 2016 (knud Seckel)
ο Auf’s Maul geschaut, with Herzgespann, 2016 (Profolk, CBB Records)
ο Best of MPS 2013, with Triskilian, 2013 (Totentanz Records)
ο Miroque – 15 Jahre Miroque, with Triskilian, 2011 (Totentanz Records)
ο Zillo Medieval – Mittelalter und Musik CD III, with Triskilian, 2011 (Zillo)
ο Miroque XVII, with Triskilian, 2010 (Kom4-Medien)
ο Medieval Spirits, with Triskilian, 2010 (ZYX Music)
ο Tribut an Ougenweide, with Triskilian, 2010 (Emmuty records)
ο Merseburger Zaubersprüche, with Triskilian, 2010 (Emmuty records)
ο Miroque XVI, with Triskilian, 2009 (Kom4-Medien)
ο Spruchgesang und Sachsenspiegel, with Triskilian, 2009 (VdS)
ο Nachgeschenkt, with Triskilian, 2009 (Naseweis)
ο European Minnesang Festival- Her Keiser, sit ir willekommen, with Triskilian, 2009 (VdS)
ο Miroque XIV, with Triskilian, 2007 (Kom4-Medien)
ο Pax-Musik Edition Volume V, with Triskilian, 2007 (Ludwig Fischer Verlag)
ο Miroque-romantisches Mittelalter, with Triskilian, 2006 (Kom4-Medien)
ο Miroque XII, with Triskilian, 2005 (Kom4-Medien)
ο Karawahnsinn, with Triskilian, 2004
ο 30. Drehleier & Dudelsack Festival/ Lißberg 2003, with Triskilian,
2003 (Kappe-Records)

Aufnahme Assistentin

ο Cantar d’amore, Oni Wytars, 2015 (Sony/DHM/DDD)
ο Pentameron, Oni Wytars, 2019 (Sony/DHM/DDD)

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